Garden features from beautiful natural ponds to arbours

Garden features built and designed by Queen Thorne landscapes, we can install water features or compete lakes.  We work closely with local craftsman and aquatic specialists. 

A feature can set off soft landscaping whether it’s a pond or a sculptural element, adding individuality to the space. It is most enjoyable to see a bespoke feature come to life from the client's initial idea. Queen Thorne are happy to take on and construct a range of features to suit the client, and when we are unable to carry out the entire project, we enlist some trusted, professionals to aid us to completion, whether it's an electrician to bring the feature to life, or a supplier who is able to construct a glasshouse.


Whether it's a large, naturalising pond to attract wildlife, or an upright built water feature and fountain in the middle of the garden, we can design and install any water feature to add the supremacy of water to your garden.

Pergolas and seating areas add a touch of restfulness to a garden, providing a recluse area to relax in and take in the views created around you. All of our pergolas and seating areas are bespoke designed and made, no 'off the shelf' products are used, and as always, the best result is achieved through the best construction.

Sometimes you just want something different in your garden and not something from a garden centre. When this is the case, our two designers at Queen Thorne are happy to develop a feature that suits the requirements. Some of our landscape staff are very talented designers; when asked by our clients on site can often come up with a concept for space whilst with the client. If the feature can be built, we will endeavour to exceed expectation, whether it's a vista or an obelisk.

A glasshouse can be a classical as well as practical touch to a garden, providing a space that encourages productivity in a garden. We tend to use a trusted and well established supplier, a supplier that will install and guarantee the quality of their craftsmanship. Some examples can be found in our gallery, alternatively, follow this link to see the beautiful examples of the products: