Natural Landscapes – We are perhaps some of the luckiest people in the country to live in such beautiful surroundings. There are parts of our counties, which are truly timeless, and breath taking. This is what we try to reproduce with our natural landscapes, be it a garden to attract our wildlife, or a green space to take you into the rolling horizons; we will create a restful place, full of natural beauty. 

Trees and Orchards – A tree is an investment. It is a thing of beauty that will change, grow and flourish before you, and well into the future after you. They are a legacy and an essential part of life, and therefore need to be selected, planted and cared for accordingly to ensure longevity. We have an absolutely extensive experience in selecting, planting and protecting trees, as well as aftercare, and have a good trusted supplier. Orchards can be a practical, productive, as well as an attractive solution to an open space, and we have installed several which are thriving with health and produce. 

As with soft landscaping, we firmly believe that preparation is key to a successful area, be it for paving, terraces, walls or bespoke features. The initial design holds the first and most importance; with practicality, purpose, as well as cost and aesthetic pleasure will be the first point of call to achieving the best result. All of our hard landscaping is carried out by an experienced team of staff enabling us to achieve outstanding finishes some who were previous stonemasons and builders, adding the cutting edge to our knowledge. No job is rushed, and all are carried out to the highest specification, secure in the knowledge that the feature will be timeless and last for the duration necessary.



We use local stone, aggregates and gravels, with the knowledge that the products will have longevity and recreate the aesthetics of our beautiful counties, helping your outside space to sit comfortably in its natural surroundings.

We are able to install all manner of hard surfaces, be it gravelled driveways and compacted aggregates to terraces with various paving and surface options, our preparation methods and products ensure that the final finish will last for years to come.