Crane Fly ? Leatherjackets.

A small but enormous threat to you lawn.

Commonly known as daddy long legs, or crane fly; Crane flies lay their eggs in the turf in late August through September. The eggs develop into grubs (leatherjackets) through September and will live in the lawn until emerging again in July to start the cycle again as Crane flies. 

Leatherjackets survive the winter by feeding on the roots of the lawn or turf that is infested, the damage to the root system leads to brown patches where the grass is unable to take in sufficient nutrients to sustain growth.

Leatherjackets are also a well received food source for birds and other grub eating wildlife, that will dig down to eat the tasty critters further exacerbating the damage to the lawn.


Treatments available. 

If you have seen large numbers of crane flies in your garden or can see areas of your lawn browning off then we would recommend a treatment. Treatments are best applied now as prevention is better than the cure for this particular infestation. We will be treating in late October and early November so call now to book. 


Are you thinking of making changes to your garden this autumn? 


Queen Thorne are well placed to help you with your decision be it a new terrace, pathway or raised beds, or a simple yet beneficial renovation of your lawn. Our team add a personal touch as we take pride in your garden in the same way we would our own. We offer an initial consultation at your property and revert back to you with ideas and designs, or if you have a design in mind, work with you to develop it to a working plan.  We can also work with landscape architects and garden designers to achieve a garden that is truly beautiful. 

Why Queen Thorne? Our team takes pride in the quality of finish that they achieve on site working with local materials to compliment the landscape that your garden sits in please have a look at our website to see some of our more recent work.  If you looking for help with the Autumn pruning or just need assistance to bring back the garden’s former glory after the most recent wet weather, please do get in touch as we can come and help once or monthly. As a sister company of Sherborne Turf we really are experts in all aspects of lawns from turfing to seeding to mowing.
We can treat diseases in your lawn and problem spots such as leather jacket damage, which can cause irreversible damage to your lawn if not caught and treated in its early stages. Book us in now ready for autumn renovations and maintenance.

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