After the rather damp, miserable winter we've had, your lawn might be looking a little sad, but it's now starting to grow again with a little extra care now it will be flourishing by the summer. 

Scarifying now is key to ridding the winter wears and thatch in the lawn, and can be done simply by a good raking. It is also beneficial to aerate the lawn with a garden fork and a lot prodding.

If opting for the scarifying get a good fertilizer at the ready, as well as a specialist seed blend to over seed the bald areas in the sward. We have a range of specially blended fertilisers at our new Lawn and Landscape Centre and we openly welcome you to come and discuss the options. If aerating, a good dusting of our topdressing is key prior to seeding and feeding.

We would recommend and application or our ‘Green and Black fertiliser, a proven product to treat the moss, blacken it, and feed the lawn with a good dose of Iron and green up the sward. This product is new in stock, and fast proving to be a winning product on our local soil bed. We cater for the larger lawns, commercial landscapers, as well the small lawns grown with pride.

Also, do not take too much off in one go, especially at this time of year. A light trim will make a dramatic difference - and be much quicker than a less frequent scalping.